Dr. Rajkumar Reghunathan (MBBS)
Siddha Vaidya doctor

Dr Rajkumar is an orthopedic surgeon, trained in the US and also a Siddha Vaidya expert (the world’s oldest medical system and predecessor of Ayurveda). He is the founder of the International Center for
Integrated Medicine in Kerala, India, where people from all over the world come to heal from chronic health conditions and to avoid getting sick and create conditions for a longer and healthier life.

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Dr Reghu Harischandran
Chief Siddha Vaidya consultant

Dr Reghu Harischandran is the chief Siddha Vaidya consultant at Center for Integrated Medicine, in Kerala, India. He was more interested in Siddha Vaidya, making medicine, and practising martial arts of Kalari than his regular school studies. His childhood was spent with his father Dr Harichandran, interacting with his patients and students that hailed from many countries and his mother making special medicines. Serious studies into Siddha Vaidya medicine consumed his young adult days. This included the study of the basic principles, human anatomy and physiology, the Siddha Vaidya way, basic pharmacy and ethnobotany.

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